Become a bat detective!

Become a bat detective! is a comprehensive exploration initiative, hosted at Curiosum, that successfully executed an outreach project to engage the public in unravelling the intricacies of the local bat population, and at the same time increasing the awareness of local bats and their importance in the Västerbotten ecosystem.

Hosting approximately 15 unique bat species, Västerbotten provides a nocturnal habitat for these remarkable creatures. The project brought forth a deeper understanding of their nightly activities, including the consumption of up to 1000 insects by a single bat—a noteworthy feat.

Throughout the initiative, we delved into the year-round presence of some bats in Västerbotten, as well as the migratory patterns of others seeking warmer climates.

Key accomplishments of the project include:

  1. Construction of Bat Houses:
    The final open bat house workshop saw participants actively involved in constructing shelters tailored to accommodate Västerbotten bats that frequented their gardens.
  2. Development of Bat Detectors:
    Engaging in open workshops, participants skillfully crafted their bat detectors, providing an avenue to delve into the nuanced communication and navigation methods employed by bats.
  3. Guided Bat Walks:
    Participants experienced curated guided bat walks in central Umeå, affording them the opportunity to witness firsthand the nocturnal behaviors, habitats, and nuances of these fascinating creatures.
  4. Bat Exhibit
    An interactive exhibit was developed for Curiosum Science Center to give visitors the chance to explore the curious world of bats even more.

This successful and celebrated project has created a deeper public understanding of bats in Västerbotten. We extend our gratitude to all participants who wanted to learn and share our love and concern for our local bats.

Developed in collaboration with Curiosum:
Alexandra Björnham – Project manager
Gabrielle Beans Picon – Research communication
Tim Hofmeester – Wildlife researcher

More reading (in Swedish):
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