About Astragal

Astragal is not just about business; we’re about turning your ideas into interactive adventures that leave a mark. Think of us as your creative accomplices, blending innovation, games, and gamification into a perfect cocktail of excitement.

We started our journey in 1995 with a shared passion for board games and a innovative idea of a storytelling murder mystery adventure. Our company has since then grown to include all things game related including gamification, innovation and education in addition to developing games.

What We’re All About:

1. Innovation:
Ever had that ”Aha!” moment when an idea sparks? We live for those moments. From startups dreaming big to established businesses craving a breath of fresh air, we’re the folks who turn those dreams into reality. Let’s embark on an innovation journey together!

2. Games:
Games aren’t just a simple pastime on a screen; they’re portals to new worlds. We craft experiences that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re into board games, mobile, console, VR, or AR, we’re the storytellers who bring your vision to life, one game at a time.

3. Gamification:
Who said work can’t be fun? Inject some playfulness into your processes, training, or marketing strategies with our gamification expertise. We sprinkle a bit of magic into the everyday, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.

Whether you’re itching to revolutionize your business, spice up training sessions, or create a gaming experience that sticks in the memory, we are all ears. Let’s make the journey from idea to reality a blast! Reach out today, and let’s turn those dreams into interactive wonders!

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